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What we do

Rento Innovations Oy is a full-service software development company of full-stack developers, designer, business analyst and project manager. We provide services such as tailor-made customer projects and IT consulting. We develop our own product for complete supply chain to steer and trace products. We have deep expertise in development, QA & testing, UX/UI design and project management, and we are passionate about what we do.



Traceability solution for farmers

Web application to trace and manage the products.

IoT solution for clean tech

Mobile application to monitor and control clean tech devices.

IoT solution for sauna

Web application to monitor and control the sauna.

Visitor software

Windows desktop application to registrate visitors to factory premises.

Backend solution

Backend solution and web portal for sports game industry.

IT consulting

UX service

Do you have a software idea, but you are not sure if it’s worth of developing? If the answer is yes, order Rento to the rescue and we will facilitate a workshop to find it out!


~2h meeting to go through your idea based on business processes.
:: Workshop preparations: schedule, agenda


A 1-3 day workshop in your premises with all key-persons to work on your idea.
:: The prototype and documented notes

Final report

We will provide a final report about the workshop.
:: Report walk-through and prototype delivery

UI/UX manual

A UI / UX manual can be ordered as an additional service. The UI / UX manual helps developers to effortlessly build the same design and usability as the prototype planned in the workshop. The manual works as a base for a future software project.
:: Manual

Feel free to download the full brochure: UX Service


Digitalize your production with Boxhunt

Supply chain visibility and traceability for your products. Boxhunt is a modern, made by newest technologies, cloud based partner to your production environment. Whether you produce your products from metal, oats, fabric or anything else is Boxhunt your flexible production-mate which will focus especially on your business processes.


  • light, lean and easy to use
  • process driven
  • customizable and modular
  • integratable and safe
  • fully mobile


Rento Innovations was founded in 2015 just before Valentine’s day by three ex-colleagues Vesa, Tero and Mira. Mika and Kimmo joined to give more dev power for us and our projects. We have laid-back management and everybody in the team can influence decisions. Rento headcount is yet rather small, but our experience and skills are huge. We have a desire to grow and we are currently interested to hire more developers. One of our super skills is making bad jokes, but we have also badass technical skills like you can see from below picture.

Vesa Nohteri

CEO / Business & project manager

20 years in IT-field and still loves every second of it. Experienced in both technical and management sides. Nowadays more in management side, but to satisfy his technical side, eagerly deep-dips into the Rento products. Passion for sales and marketing. Loves most of the people and would hug them often if he wouldn't be a Finn.

Mika Hamunen

Full stack developer

Experienced full-stack developer who writes nice clean tested code and is always interested to learn more and trying out different languages, frameworks and libraries. Also highly comfortable in designing and implementing infrastructure.

Tero Kaarrela

CTO / Full stack developer

Experienced full-stack developer. "New tech" junkie and highly skilled developer, who just might be in love with POC's. Has excellent training skills and is able to explain his tech stuff in such a manner that even designer and sales understands. Loves to make techno.

Mira Aaltonen

Designer / Software tester

Passion for digital design. Bad UX makes her scream and cry at the same time. 15 years ago started as a dev, but soon realized that likes to break other developers toys more than to create the toys for others to break. Loves gadgets and thinks that if you don't have data, then it never happened. Good at Instagram stalking.

Kimmo Virtanen

Full stack developer

Multi-skilled developer who gets more kicks from front-end, but is fully capable of baking back-end as well. Brings art to our life and enjoys bad jokes to the fullest.



Interested to work in a flexible and relaxed company? We are currently looking for:

A laid-back full-stack developer


  • Around 5 years of working experience.
  • You know a backend language and cloud environments. (e.g Java, Node.js, AWS)
  • You know frontend development and have the ability to build something new from scratch. (eg. Javascript, React, Angular, CSS)
  • You have delivered code to applications and systems that are in real use.
  • Ability to work independently or part of the team, also as a consultant around the capital area Helsinki.
  • An entrepreneur's mindset striving to learn new things.
  • You are able to speak Finnish.

What we offer

  • A workplace with a small team of five friends.
  • Laid-back management and flexible working locations.
  • Lunch, recreational benefits and paid phone/internet contract. We'll let you know more when we meet!
  • Possibility to innovate and build something new. You get a say over how and with what technology stack we create things.
  • A relaxed viewpoint on things. Didn't get a 100% on the requirements? No worries, don't hesitate to contact us anyway!

If you got interested, please send your CV to and let's start discussions.


+358 50 484 2634


Joensuunkatu 7 (map)

24100 Salo